Graffiti letters, images and symbols fill up the entire underground space, expressing individuality in a space of disorder and fun.This week, Objective will take you into the world of Underwater Dog Club. This is an immersive exhibition that expresses street culture, unreserved and genuine.

In this underground space that used to be an air-raid shelter, Objective pays tribute to the 1980s East Village scene. In the legendary yet short-lived 8BC club in 80s New York, the chaotic and youthful burst of inspiration and calling for authenticity created the golden age of louche glamour.

List of Artist:

南川 / 夏乔伊 / 王画

Opening Reception: Mon. - Fri.; 14PM - 24PM

Exhibition dates: 13 SEPTEMBER - 17 SEPTEMBER 2020

Location: B1, 685 Dingxi Road (near Fahuazhen Road), Changning District, Shanghai